TAKING ACTION: Join Our Tweetathon 22 April 2014, India

Join TARSHI’s Tweetathon For Access To Safe Abortion!
22 April, 2014 

What challenges do women in your country face when they seek a safe abortion? Does the law in your country restrict access? Why does community frown upon abortion? Are contraceptives and post abortion care available and affordable in your country? Do women have access to Comprehensive Sexuality Education?

Share your thoughts on challenges to safe abortion and discuss successful strategies to overcome these with TARSHI on April 22, 2014 between 2 and 4 pm India Standard Time (IST) on Twitter!

Do take a look at our sample tweets below. We hope you find them useful. We look forward to tweeting with you!
Sample Tweets:
  1. #MedicalAbortion is a revolutionary tool in the hands of women to access #safeabortion. Must be promoted.
  2. Accurate information about our bodies & contraception, is necessary to dispel myths & prevent unwanted pregnancies #ComprehensiveSexualityEducation #CSE #safeabortion
  3. #MedicalAbortion hotlines are a great help to women living under restrictive laws. To know more read http://bit.ly/1dX7hL7 
  4. Legalization of abortion does not always ensure access to #safeabortion services. Why do you think this happens? 
  5. Stigma and discrimination restrict access to #safeabortion. #CSE enables young people make informed #choices
  6. Let’s put an end to shaming. Don’t ask women why they need an abortion. Make it safe and affordable instead. #safeabortion 
  7. Women must have the right 2 choose if & when they want 2 be mothers. Right to accurate information is key. Support #safeabortion #ComprehensiveSexualityEducation
  8.  No contraceptive is 100% effective. Women with unwanted pregnancies need #safeabortion
  9. Comprehensive sexuality education & reproductive health care should be available without fear or impediment. #CSE #safeabortion 
  10. Every woman deserves access to the healthcare she needs. Access to #safeabortion is a human right. Access to accurate info too - time for #CSE
  11.  Maternal morbidity and mortality will NOT be reduced w/o ensuring access 2 safe, legal, accessible & high quality abortion services #safeabortion 
  12. Criminalizing abortion will not stop it, but will force women to seek unsafe underground services. #safeabortion 
  13. Misinformation, stigma and strict laws are barriers to #safeabortion. Right to #CSE is a must. Read this story from #Indonesia: http://bit.ly/1m0tFDJ  
  14. Abortion does not have to be legal for it to be safe. Read this story from #Lebanon: http://bit.ly/Pq6hEf  #safeabortion 

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For Abortion Rights in Bolivia, A Modest Gain

On February 13, Bolivia’s highest court issued a long-awaited ruling addressing provisions of the country’s penal code that criminalize abortion, except in cases of rape, incest, or when a woman’s life or health is endangered.

In a closely watched case that has dragged on for two years, the Plurinational Constitutional Tribunal (TCP) rejected a challenge to the 1972 law based on Bolivia’s new Constitution, which guarantees women’s sexual and reproductive rights and prohibits gender-based discrimination. But it also threw out an existing rule that requires a judge to give consent before a legal abortion can be performed, which has been a major obstacle to achieving safe abortions where they are permitted by law.     more»

Source: http://globalvoicesonline.org

Abortion and politics on the campaign trail

Last week, National Liberation Party presidential candidate Johnny Araya tried to claim the mantle of family values, accusing opposition candidate Luis Guillermo Solís of having a different position than that of his own Citizen Action Party.

While the abortion question could prove combustible in Costa Rica, Araya is not well positioned to strike the match. In large part, this is because both candidates have the same policy on abortion: It should be legal only to save a mother’s life or protect her health.     more»

Source: http://www.ticotimes.net

Women’s health gets $14m boost

Taking strides to curb Cambodia’s high maternal and child mortality rates, health officials yesterday launched a $14 million initiative to improve women’s limited access to reproductive health care.

During the three-year Partnering to Save Lives campaign, funded by AusAid, NGOs Care Cambodia, Marie Stopes and Save the Children aim to expand reproductive, maternal and neonatal care.

“This is about saving mothers and babies through a strategic partnership,” Heidi Brown, director of the initiative’s coordination and learning unit, said.     more»

Source: http://www.phnompenhpost.com

A lesson in abortion

What are children learning about the procedure in school, and who is teaching it to them?

A rape victim can’t become pregnant. Abortion damages a woman’s internal organs. Abortion destroys a woman’s mental health. These are among the messages that have been given to secondary-school students in Ireland by teachers and outside agencies such as Life Pregnancy Care and Family & Life.

At secondary level, where, including vocational schools and community colleges, students generally range from 11 to 19, a number of anti-abortion organisations provide talks and presentations. Schools are not obliged to tell parents about the talks, and the Department of Education says it does not routinely record the names of external facilitators during school inspections.     more»

Source: http://www.irishtimes.com